No one can be you, no one can own your clothes


The experience

When you order the BPBOX You immediately start interacting with our designer and the creative process begins for the realization of your design according to the type of garment you have chosen. You will receive an illustrated sketch with the design proposal and from your approval the garment will be built and sent.

What is your size? That doesn't matter, we design to suit you.

Custom Designed

Designing is an extraordinary process that I enjoy very much, and more than my work is my passion. In the market there are many brands that want to sell you collections that are mass produced and that in turn are used by thousands of people. For me to design is to create something really special. I want you to use unique and unrepeatable pieces like you.

Barbara Portto

The design that we will make for you, only you will have.

Me emociona crear prendas y diseños distintos cada vez, y eso lo logro a través de cada persona. Somos únicos y distintos y eso es lo que hace especial cada creación.

Barbara Portto

Custom-Made with the environment

The fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world. However, there are solutions and alternatives to minimize these problems. BP has the commitment and shows itself applying techniques and brand proposal in order to avoid what affects so much in this industry.

BPACTIVEWEAR does not produce its garments on large scales or mass productions. Each garment is designed and made from scratch for a specific person, 98% of the materials chosen are used to create the garment avoiding the greatest amount of waste. The exclusive design avoids the use of machinery for long hours and the consumption of a lot of energy. Also, we select the largest amount of natural fiber textiles reducing synthetic fabrics and our packaging is 100% recyclable and collectible.

Scrunchies, the cherry on the cake


Your best friend has no idea how much you can surprise her. The surprise is that we design a garment exclusively for her. That's going to be amazing!

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