Fashion designer Bárbara Portto breaks paradigms with a new subscription model: Active Box

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Previously, the variety when choosing sportswear was not great: comfortable leggings and flannels were enough. Today, with the evolution of fashion trends, this pattern has changed significantly. More and more young women are looking for other qualities in your clothing To exercise, some of them are the comfort, versatility, style and quality.

As independent and authentic women, they love to go to the gym but at the same time they love to be fashionable, go shopping or have lunch with their friends. Therefore, they need suitable pieces that make them feel really good on any of these occasions.

BP Activewear, a sportswear brand created and directed by Venezuelan fashion designer Bárbara Portto, has exactly what exercise and fashion lovers need: multifunctional parts, adapted to highlight your figure and provide comfort with a sophisticated and fun style.


BP Activewear, it is pioneer in Venezuela, not only with the Activewear line that started in a market accustomed to using only recognized brands such as Adidas, Nike, etc., but with its business model: subscription boxes, which is recently launching and has had an excellent response from its customers.

This This innovative concept consists in that each buyer receives a box, the Active Box, with three surprise pieces according to the desired plan: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. For it, The person must create a profile with certain data and preferences such as their physical activity, favorite colors, sizes and what type of piece they would like to receive in their shipment. In this way, the buyer is not the one who precisely chooses what she is going to receive; it is the brand that really does it. That is to say, the person receives the type of piece with the chosen colors and size but the surprise is in the design, cuts and texture.


The Active Box it is sent in the month in which the person subscribes; are made national and international shipments. Deliveries in Venezuela are free. It is important to note that the brand offers exchange of parts if you did not receive the correct size; To do this, you have three days to request the change.

All BP Activewear collections They are made with different textures, cuts and colors, which translate into high-quality designs and stylish clothing. In this way, the brand seeks to offer a sporty and elegant daily appearance.

“We work with different varieties of lycra, mesh, elastic, neoprene, raincoat, micro-perforated fibers, natural fibers such as cotton. Currently, we offer gloves, jackets, leggings, sports bras, tops of different designs, Olympic, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves, oversize pieces, t-shirts. We are thinking of expanding our offer for a male market”, Explain Barbara Portto, brand designer.

The collections of BP Activewear You can see them in the Instagram Of the brand @bp_activewear and they can subscribe through their website