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Bárbara Portto launches BP ACTIVEWEAR collection

BP ACTIVEWEAR changes the concept of sportswearBárbara Portto

The women's sportswear brand BP ACTIVEWEAR, by the Venezuelan fashion designer Barbara Portto, launched its new capsule collection entitled BASIC, with a set of garments that offer comfort, versatility and trend, in each of its proposals.

Created by Barbara Portto for the world of fitness, BP ACTIVEWEAR continues in the market proposing a specific design that changes the concept of conventional sportswear, to produce through it the motivation to exercise.

The product of a deep process of research, prototyping and exploration of textiles, the brand BP ACTIVEWEAR was born from an innovative luxury proposal full of geometric cuts, many colors and combinations of fabrics, aimed at independent women who love fashion and seek to project elegance, style and good taste at all times, according to the designer.


Your new collection BASIC, consists of four Sports Bras in different colors for any physical activity–Black Kiki, Snow, Nude, Dusk and Summer Blue– made with a design that provides a beautiful figure and a support system of double fabric and Italian elastics of the best quality; a waterproof jacket called Polka dots; and two models of Leggings, the classic black Leggings from BP ACTIVEWEAR in two different textures cut at the waist, and the Legging Power, an icon of the brand, with cut on the knees and calves.

This collection is for sale in the online storewww.bpactivewear.com, where the 15 discount is offered on the first purchase when subscribing. More information on Instagram @bp_activewear or mailinfo.barbaraportto@gmail.com


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