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Fashion Designer Bábara Portto launches women's sportswear line

The Venezuelan fashion designer Bárbara Portto launches the Be Active collection of her new line of women's sportswear, based on garments to exercise with style and a wider utility, with which she completely changes the initial concept of her brand BARBARA PORTTO , which since it was registered in 2012 had been making casual style Pret-a-porter collections.

Graduated from the Brivil Design Institute in the city of Caracas, Bárbara Portto studied various studies related to fashion in different countries, worked in Caracas with haute couture brands such as Durant & amp; Diego and Alberto De Castro, and made several casual-style Pret-a-porter collections for their brand.

After a deep process of research, prototyping and textile exploration, Bárbara created this Activewear line to go to the gym and more, from an innovative luxury proposal full of geometric cuts, many colors and combinations of textiles, which display a wide range collection of Leggings, Shorts, Olympic-type Tops, Bras or Sport Bra, Flannels and Jackets.

“BE ACTIVE mainly proposes comfort, versatility and design. It is aimed at women who love to exercise, who go to the gym, do Yoga, Pilates, run, play tennis and enjoy nature and healthy life; to independent women who love fashion and seek to look stylish even in those moments, says the designer while ensuring that she works with a demanding palette of Italian, Colombian and Brazilian textiles, always looking for the best quality and technology to guarantee luxury pieces ..

This line plays with combinations that give sports garments an elegant and sophisticated air, in which the taste of the pret-a-porter and haute couture of its creator is reflected, with those glam details adapted to the purpose of being used for various sports activities, and with a broader utility, proposing the Athleisure trend, which is basically the idea of being able to use these garments for day to day, obtaining a Sporty chic and stylish look, which when combined with other elements can be used to create a great Outfit Sport for any activity that comes our way during the day, such as going to the supermarket, shopping, a meeting, brunch etc., explains Bárbara Portto.o.

For more information about BARBARA PORTTO's new line of women's sportswear, you can follow the Instagram accounts @barbara_portto, Facebook, BARBARA PORTTO, or the website www.barbaraportto.com