How to become a BP GIRL according to Bárbara Porttoto

give a playlist, leggingsand a machine exercise to a woman and get ready to conquer the world or his world.

Although there is nothing glamorous about sweat, discomfort, and a room full of people hyperventilating, the art behind training daily (or weekly shores you to embrace an empowered and healthy lifestyle..

... Read more Thanks to Bárbara Portto you no longer have to go to the gym in your pajamas

And, in very good cases, it presents you with lifestyles that you definitely want to follow; as it is the world of BP GIRLS.

To open the doors of this universe, we converse with Barbara Portto in a desperate attempt to qualify to self-proclaim BP GIRLSand not fail in the attempt.


¿What makes a girl BP GIRL What sets them apart from the restesto?

Use the brand's garments for your sports activities and the difference is that you also use them for your day to day because of its versatility and comfort. To a BP GIRL He likes design and always goes for unique pieces. Exercises and healthy food are always in her routine but she is a real and balanced woman who has fun doing what she likes to do the most and when the weekend arrives she enjoys a hamburger or chocolate ice cream to the fullest.

¿How to become one 

First, trying the brand's clothes and if you love them, you are already one BP GIRL.

¿How you dress?


He cares about his image, he likes design, innovation, colors and textures. She is a girl with good taste.

¿What attitude should we have?

Always positive and eager to improve herself in all aspects of her life. ABP GIRL is an ambitious girl who works to achieve each of her goals, is organized and independent, creative, active and fun.

¿What sports do you do?


A BP GIRL She is a girl who takes the risk of trying all possible physical activities. He is not bored but he likes to vary, so he leans in that mood from doing a yoga class one day and the other day she goes for a run with her friends. He is free and enjoys outdoor activities.

¿What BPactivewear garments you should haveer?

Without a doubt and first of all, the basics. Should have a legging black cut to the waist like the Always black, a Sports Bra black like him Black kiki and one of the brand's waterproof jackets.

¿How we buy them through the web store?


Our store on-line it is super easy to use to buy. The great thing is that if you are in Caracas You can place your orders via mail and thus you do not pay the shipping, in addition to subscribing you get 15 discount on your first purchase. You'lla bpactivewear.com, you subscribe, you will shop so you can see all our products and with the names of the parts you can place your order to our email Info.barbaraportto@gmail.com. Delivery is free.

¿What is your favorite garment?

The leggings.

¿Without what thing / accessory / garment you cannot leave the house?

You can't go out without the jackets BP raincoats.

¿What to constantly buy at www.bpactivewear.com?

Any recent collector's item.

¡Thanks Barbara!

Without a doubt, this list has now become ours to do list to qualify in the world BP.