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Your next favorite athleisure brand could be in Venezuela

Venezuelan design is gaining more and more followers outside its borders thanks to its sportswear proposals.

Dressing for exercise every time he adds so much importance how to choose a outfit to go to the office or yet event. Faced with this need, the athleisure has seen its boom in recent years, staying in trend and generating millions in sales.

Although there are already marks of sportswear well established, there are also proposals local and with a own aestheticwith very own quality and identity values that are reflected in their products and they have everything to become our next favorites.

In Latin America, Venezuela is emerging as a point of attention in terms of activewear is concerned, especially thanks trademarks they are finding an excellent balance as to design and functionality.

They are proposals that not only look good to wear, but will also help you optimize your exercise routines and, the best news, they do shipping all over the world, so take note.

Barbara portto(@bp_activewear)

Their bras play with classic silhouettes but with fun and photogenic color combinations. They give a nice shape to the chest, a fact to take into account because they can also serve as a daily bra, another very common use among women, especially those who want to hide their breasts if they are very large. This brand does it very well. For their original function the exercise are also satisfactory. They also have equally flattering leggings and athleisure accessories like jackets or gloves.s.