The concept

BP ACTIVEWEAR is the brand of Venezuelan fashion designer Bárbara Portto. Under his creative direction he created the brand in 2016 with the proposal of collections of Activewear and Streetwear luxury. The design concept is to create versatile, avant-garde and unique pieces that provide an incredibly sophisticated look for exercise but even for casual moments. Patterns, cuts and materials are important to this brand that finds inspiration in architecture, geometry, color, textures and haute couture. Currently the brand is established in New York City creating exclusive designs from scratch for its customers.
This proposal is aimed at incredible women who love healthy living and who have the power of presence in every moment of their lives. The brand is a woman who loves fashion and good taste. BP offers you an experience where you receive designs made in a personalized way according to your tastes and size, creating these from scratch. We obtain all the information through a profile that our customers complete. You can choose from a wide variety of types of pieces, colors, sizes and lifestyle. We gather all this information to create these special pieces just for you. After your purchase and getting to know you a little more, the creative process of your garments and the contact with our designer begins. You can choose to receive these garments in a surprise way or previously receive the sketch with the design proposed by the brand and inspired by your personality and tastes.
Why it's different and special
Designing is an extraordinary process that I enjoy very much and more than my work is my passion. In the market there are many brands that want to sell you collections that are produced in large quantities and that at the same time are used by many people. For me, designing is creating something really special. I want you to use unique and unrepeatable pieces like you. I want you to feel amazing. Each garment involves a process of research, creation and construction. Upon receiving the order of our customers we focus on the creation of a garment exclusively for that person and we dedicate time for the realization of that design, from the illustration and proposal, creation of its pattern with your size, search for materials, cutting and making of the garments. Our customers really get exclusive garments.
Commitment to the environment
Without a doubt, this brand contributes to the environment in different ways. Our parts creation system is limited as we do not subject the creation of our designs to mass productions in factories or workshops. The brand creates exclusive parts with little use of machinery and electrical energy privately in studio.
In addition, our packaging is created with 100% recyclable cardboard and are also boxes that you can collect and reuse. When choosing our textiles and materials we seek to select fabrics that contain the greatest amount of natural fibers. The brand also works with synthetic textiles with low-scale production. The techniques of making or construction of the garments are minimalist and of low requirement of machinery.