Refund Policy

By using this website, you understand and agree that you will not receive refunds or exchanges for any products provided by the company once our supplier or we deliver these items to the carrier delivering these products, unless the product received by you is damaged. and/or size error.

The company provides a selection of products that may vary from box to box shipped to various users of the service. The company cannot accommodate specific requests for certain products, as the company operates from a limited inventory of products depending on availability.

We accept the change of sizes if our team is wrong in the size you chose in your profile. You must be sure of your size for each type of piece. You can go to our size guide section to know the measurements with which we work.

Our collections change constantly, when making a size change, if the design is not available, another different design will be sent as a surprise, that is, the size change may be for a completely different piece that is within the category chosen by you. .

This also applies if the change of piece is due to a defect in the garment you received, you will receive another in exchange and this could be different.

We do not guarantee the exchange of the same pieces when it comes to change of sizes or defect of any piece.

Our creative and design process focuses on the creation of capsule collections, this means that small collections are made and manufactured in small quantities to guarantee the variety and versatility of all the boxes based on the tastes of our subscribers.

You have 3 days to report a change of pieces by size or any defect. This time counts from the day your Active Box arrives.

You can contact us at our email for any questions.