Brand policies

Brand policies

Please read these subscription terms and conditions carefully
and make sure you understand before making a purchase with BP ACTIVEWEAR   These terms can also be seen in the terms and conditions
of use.


People will be able to subscribe or buy to get the
sportswear box whenever you want. This box has between 1 to 4 garments
varied, designed and chosen by the brand for each person of
according to your tastes and physical activity.

We do our best, however we do not guarantee
precise descriptions of the products on our website but through our social networks and Instagram account @bpactivewear

We choose the products according to what you describe to us in
your proof of style or profile.

On our page we explain how you can make payments for the product, already
that each box may have different items with different prices and part
of the experience of using the service is the surprise you will feel when
open the box. You will get great pieces
unique value and designs at a special price. A box can have three
different pieces, an outfit or some accessories that complete your
daily appearance. Every time you buy we will send you surprise pieces that will be
chosen by our designer for you according to your choice of category and tastes.

. Must not be under the age of 18 or
age allowed to make an online purchase

. You must be registered with your real name.

. You must provide us with personal information that enables us to offer you
our services.

1. Active Box Contains:

Active box from BP Activewear contains 1 to 4 items of sportswear
with our brand. What each box contains varies according to your tastes and choice and
in a surprise way. We cannot guarantee that you will get any
particular product. You must answer each of the questions in the
questionnaire or profile. If we have enough information from you, the satisfaction of
the surprise will be much better.

2. Subscription or purchase:

You can buy the Active Box as many times as you want and in any way you want. You can create a profile with different tastes each time you want an Active Box. Your profiles and deliveries will be photographed, which allows us to record each piece that will be delivered to you and ensure that you do not receive repeated pieces at any time.

3. Waiting list

The delivery of your Active Box can take between 3 days or 3 weeks, it all depends on the place where it will be sent or delivered. We will keep you informed.

4. Cancellation policy

You cannot cancel your subscription or purchase if it has already
registered and the money cannot be returned. If you wish
you can email us at bpactivewear @ as many times as
consider necessary with your comments to evaluate an agreement.

5. Returning

No guarantee that you will be absolutely satisfied with your Active Box, so you will have a period of time after three days of receiving your box to verify their products inside and you can email us with your comments to bpactivewear @   to make the necessary corrections.

We will work with you to resolve your concerns and make the best of your experiences. You can ask to exchange an item for a
different size. Unfortunately, although we try to answer about their
change requests, we do not guarantee that we can always do so,
you ensure your correct size and preferences to help us
create your perfect Active Box according to the profile you create with us.

In the event that we agree to a change and our system does not allow them, we will explain the conditions to you at the time we know the articles under discussion.

6. Transportation and risk of loss.

You will consider that the box and its contents are accepted, and the
Title and the risk of loss of your content pass to you when we contact a shipping company. The title and risk of
loss of items you return to us will belong to you until
the item reaches our offices and we make sure they are in
perfect conditions.